Our Services


We can make your website on either WordPress or Joomla.
We can update your existing website on your servers, transfer your site to ours, or make a new one from scratch on our premium server.
We can fully manage back-end software updates and front-end content updates, or give full access login control to you.

Search Engine Optimized

We take care to mold your content so it can have maximum exposure in search engines. Pages are tested based on 15 criteria. Such as proper meta descriptions, keyword density and placement, URL generation, and readability based on the Flesch Reading Ease Test.


I will put my 16 years experience as a freelance developer to use for you.

Working with contracts from one employee too hundreds, I have developed a liking for helping smaller companies.  I understand that several thousand dollars for a small business to start a web presence is not practical for most people from the Maritimes.  Therefore, I started HFXweb to help local companies grow.

Worry Free Design

Worry free rates as low as $25.00 an hour, or $600 for a starter website, domain, email (you@yourname.com) and get your first year hosting free.

We can take your business' message and make it live without you ever needing to know Hosting Limitations, Domain Registration, Image Licensing, or Security Vulnerabilities.

Premium Hosting

No one puts bald tires on a beautiful car, so why expect anything less from a website you want to be smooth?

We use a premium hosting service that doesn't oversell and is based in Canada.  We like this, and so does Google when calculating your page's ranking. We can host your site for as little as $10 a month.